Average Cost to Replace a Roof with Shingles 1900 sq ft

Average Cost to Replace a Roof with Shingles 1900 sq ft

The average cost to replace a roof with shingles that is 1900 sq feet varies in different locations around the US. Material quality will impact the price. Also, a more experienced contractor is bound to charge more than a new company that wants to enter the market. Do not forget however that a higher price usually comes with better quality, so do your research before you appoint a contractor. You need to make sure you do not end up overcharged or getting a sloppy job done.

Most Americans spend between $4000 to $12000 to install new shingle roofs. 60% of this amount goes to labor while the remaining is material cost. 

Roof shingles actually cost an average of $1 per square foot, without taking into account installation. So based on our previous observation, for a 1900 square foot roof, you would have to spend $1900 to get the material, which is 40% of the entire cost. As a result, the total cost of the roof would be $4750. 

Keep in mind that this is just an estimation. You might want to get higher quality asphalt shingles that cost $2 per square foot. As a result, for a 1900 square foot roof, you would pay $3800 in materials and $9500 for the entire roof replacement. 

Replace a roof with shingles in New York

The average cost to replace a roof with shingles for a 1900 sq ft roof in New York is similar to the average of the nation explained previously. If you are looking to replace the roof or do some repairs to the roof of your property in this area, feel free to contact us at RH Renovation NYC to acquire some more information. Check the website to see all the locations we operate in. 

Our team can come on-site and conduct an inspection on your existing structure or suggest the best design and construction method for your new roof. We can provide you with an estimate on how much the entire process will cost and what your new roof will look like. 

We have a vast experience when it comes to building shingle roofs and completing their look with all proper ‘accessories’ such as gutters and gutter guards. Also, we can help you add a skylight and combine shingles with some nice glazing. 

In addition, we use the highest quality materials and equipment to finish the job early rather than later and allow you and your family to reside in your new home as comfortable as possible. 

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