Average Deck Renovation Cost

Average Deck Renovation Cost

A deck is a great appendix to a home. It can be used during the summer to have nice dinners out, sunbathe, enjoy an outdoor living space or just use it to breathe in fresh air. 

Being an outdoor element of the home, however, means that a deck needs repairs every so often. As such, knowing the average deck renovation cost can help you decide what kind of repairs to do. So here are some numbers to get you more informed. 

The easiest thing you can do to bring your deck to its former glory is give it a fresh new coat of stain and sealer to make the wood feel more intense. Redoing the finish of a deck is around $600 for a 120-foot deck

Next, you can opt to redo the entire deck from scratch. In this case, you have to take into account the cost of removal of the old deck in addition to installing a new one. These costs do vary from location to location but the average price is $10 per square foot for deck removal and about $16000 to install a new structure. Also, keep in mind that deck installation costs will vary depending on the material you choose. Lumber and cedar are usually the less expensive materials. Their cost is around $2700 for a 120 feet deck. Composite wood and redwood on the other hand are more luxurious and come with a higher price tag. You can expect a composite 120 feet deck to cost about $3900 while a redwood deck can amount to $6000. These prices will also vary depending on the contractor who will be appointed for the job. 

At RH Renovation NYC we are happy to give all our clients a free estimate on their deck repair. You can use this estimate to calculate the average deck renovation cost and decide whether to go through the project or not by looking at numbers, which truly do not lie! 

Deck maintenance and annual repairs amount to $1600. These include fixing rotten pieces of wood, changing railing, maintaining the freshness of the paint, keeping the deck dry and moisture free, adding personal touches, and preserving the wood. 

Contact us for more information on decks and average deck renovation cost calculations. Our team of professional technicians and super intuitive designers can explain the process and cost estimate in more detail and guide step by step on your deck works. 

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