Types of flat roof materials

Flat roofs are modern and efficient. You can use them as extra outdoor space during the summer or just enjoy them for their amazing 360 degree views during winter. The only downside of a flat roof is their ability to retain water which makes them prone to leaks. This is why flat roof materials are composed of different layers and tend to be more expensive than pitched roofs. 

Nowadays however, flat roof materials have evolved to ensure complete protection from water through waterproofing additives.

The most common flat roof material is PVC. This is a polyvinyl chloride membrane made of salt, petroleum and natural gas. 

Another common flat roof material is known as BUR. This type of roofing is composed of layers such as tar, asphalt, rocks and gravel. 

You probably have heard about rubber roofing. This is also a combination of natural gas and oil, very common for flat roofs. 

Last but not least, there is the modified bitumen flat roof made of asphalt and added polymers. 

More unconventional roofing materials are also available for flat roofs. If you have a roof you want to renovate or install, contact us at RH Renovation NYC to decide which one is the best option for your property. 

Best flat roof material

The best flat roof material is considered to be PVC. From the numerous types of flat roof materials, this one is also more expensive. It is composed as a single membrane that is durable and waterproof. 

PVC roofs are reinforced and able to resist impacts such as from hail storms. They are also quite hard to crack even in very hot and dry weather. Due to the bolting techniques used to install the PVC layer, these types of roofs can remain in place even in climates with strong winds. Also, PVC roofs are fire resistant. 

As a result, these types of flat roofs can last longer and require less repairs, also lowering maintenance costs over the years. 

Another advantage of PVC is that it is very easy and fast to place over the unfinished surface of a flat roof. PVC comes in big rolls that an experienced roofing contractor can install without any unexpected problems arising. 

Design is also a big advantage of PVC roofing. This material comes in a variety of colors and allows you to decorate the roof properly. The most common option is white, however. This color reflects the sun and allows your home to be cool during the summer. It also allows you to save on energy bills

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