Cost to Install Paver Patio

What is the cost to install a paver patio

The cost to install a paver patio cannot be properly defined without first looking at a few elements involved in the construction process. First of all, the quality of the pavers is quite important in determining the overall cost of the project. Obviously, the higher the quality, the higher the price. In addition, the type of paver should also be taken into account. Typically, patios are paved in clay brick, natural stone, or concrete tiles. Each material has a different price tag where natural stone is considered to be more pricey. 

Next, the location of the property and the features of the patio will also impact the cost. A flat patio in a dry area is going to cost less than the opposite because it is easier to build and requires fewer additives. More additives are needed to protect the pavers against harsh natural conditions such as heavy rains or hail storms. Last but not least, the contractors will also charge different prices based on their expertise. More experienced contractors will do a better job and finish quicker but will cost more. After all, you get what you pay for. As a general estimate, however, the cost to install a paver patio is between 10 to 20 dollars per square foot. 

How to choose the best patio paver construction service

Paver patios are a great addition to your home. They will not only make your outdoor space more appealing but also increase the value of your property. The cost of installing a paver patio is quite inconsiderate when you think about all its advantages. It is actually calculated to provide at least a 70% return on your investment. 

So if you are interested in adding pavers to your patio or have a new deck installed, here is what to look for. Try to choose the best construction service by looking at their portfolio. This is the best way to choose a contractor and make sure they know what they are doing. 

Next, find a company that can deal with more than just paver installation. It is good to have the same team work on installing a concrete platform, drains, stairs, and almost anything related to home renovation. This way they can deal with any unpredictable setbacks and finish your patio paver installation without any issues. 

Contact our team at RH Renovation NYC if you are looking to install a paver patio. We can provide you with a quote, look into different types of materials, discuss the best design and also guide you through the entire construction process. 

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