Deck Repair and Restoration Tips & Ideas

Deck Repair and Restoration Tips & Ideas

A deck is a projection of your home that stretches outdoors on ground level and allows you to enjoy fresh air and beautiful views. Being outdoors however means that a deck is always experiencing rains, winds, and more, depending on your location. All these natural elements can harm the surface of the deck and even its structure. To prevent damages beyond repair, it is important to maintain your deck accordingly. The golden rule is to repair it first, clean it often and protect it when necessary. Here are some deck repair and restoration tips and ideas to help you out. 

Start by doing a thorough inspection of your deck to make sure what type of intervention you need. Check the parts where the deck is connected to the ground as these posts or stairs may experience structural damage because of moisture and prolonged exposure to water. 

Keep an eye out for rusty screws and rotten planks that might need replacing. 

Also, check if the railing needs any repairs and make sure to fix any loose splinters. 

Next, check for anything that is not structural. Make sure to calculate how much paint or stain you might need and get ready to hit the store. 

Once you finish with the repairs it is time to clean the surface of the deck and all its components such as stairs or railing with the appropriate chemicals and water. Choose chemicals that will not harm your lawn or garden. Make sure to do this sort of cleaning annually or even twice a year if you live in a very rainy or windy region. 

When you finish cleaning the surface you can start to apply the paint. If you have a new deck composed of new wood you can just apply a transparent stain. If the wood is worn out, maybe it is time to repaint your deck. 

After finishing with surface repairs, you can start working on the railing. If the railing is too damaged, opt for a new one. A new design can also make your deck feel more modern. 

If these deck repair and restoration tips are not enough to bring your deck to its former glory, it might be time to replace it with a new one. Feel free to contact us at RH Renovation NYC for a new deck installation. We can provide you with a quote for free and walk you through the entire process. 

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