Different Rain Gutter Types: Which is the Best One

Different rain gutter types: which is the best one

Rain gutters protect both the interior and exterior of your home from water damages. They do so by catching water, bringing it down through a specific pipe, and redirecting it away from the house. Also, different types of gutters also offer different looks for your home, such as elegant modern or traditional Victorian. Therefore, choosing the right type of gutter for your house will not only keep your home healthier but also, make the facade more appealing. 

Rain gutters types are differentiated based on their cross-section. The two most common ones are the half-round and the k-style gutter. In addition, gutters differ in size, colors, material, construction, and other features or accessories such as gutter guards. 

While gutters keep your home safe, gutter guards are the covers that protect your gutters from debris and allow them to work efficiently in keeping your roof intact. 

There are many types of gutter guards, but our top 4 models include the perforated metal guards, the micro-mesh gutter guards, the reverse curve guards, and last but not least, the brush guards. Each option has different features and specifications and should be chosen by keeping in mind the shape and style of your roof. 

The best type of gutter guard

Every renovation company has a preferred option when it comes to different types of gutter guards. This preference is based on the quality of the gutter guard material as well as how well it has performed in previous applications. Based on the extensive experience and technical expertise that we have at RH Renovation NYC, the best type of gutter guard is a stainless steel mesh one. This type of cover is seamless and easy to install. In addition, its stainless steel material allows it to remain rust-free and easy to maintain throughout the year. This is one of the most sought out features when it comes to gutter guards as no one likes to spend time cleaning gutters. 

Also, mesh covers are one of the most efficient types of gutter guards because they can protect your gutters not only from larger leaves but also smaller seeds and stones, or anything else that the wind might blow onto your roof. If it is time to fix your roof and change your gutters, get a quote from RH Renovation services NYC on gutter inspection and installation services. Take the right steps in protecting your property from water damage and be proactive when it comes to the health of your home. 

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