Different Types of Flat Roofs

Different Types of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are modern and easy to build and maintain. In addition, they offer a horizontal surface which greatly increases your home area and can be used for a lot of purposes. You can place solar panels on it, use it as a utility space or even create a small roof garden to enjoy 360 views. What is more interesting however is that you can choose between different types of flat roofs for your home and pick the material that suits your needs best. 

The most common type of flat roof is PVC. These roofs are resistant to flames and easy to install thanks to their light weight. This is also beneficial for the structure of the roof as it means it will not add extra load to it. In addition, they come in flexible shapes which means you can place them on any type of flat roof layout. PVC roofs are also considered to have very few leaking issues, thus reducing the chances of mold. You can even opt for a two-way venting PVC roof system which is even more moisture resistant. These roofs are also cooler than other alternatives thanks to their reflective surface. 

The BUR roof or built-up roof is another common type of flat roof. These roofs are made of hot tar and gravel and are more economical than anything else. Cheaper roofing systems however also mean less durability and more issues. BUR roofs are usually heavy and harder to build. 

Next, you can have a modified bitumen flat roof, perfect for those who appreciate DIY work. The same goes for rubber membrane roofs which can be installed, maintained, and repaired quite easily. These materials however are not very flame-resistant or even reflective of the sun. 

Other types of flat roofs include TPO, which is quite similar to PVC and is completely recyclable. In addition, steel and aluminum roofs are very popular and also durable. These roofs are particularly beneficial for areas that experience heavy snow as they prevent leaks. 

Last but not least, you can choose a coating flat roof made of high-quality resin that is resistant to water and other natural conditions. The coating can be in silicon, acrylic, and more materials. 

Each material however has its own advantages and disadvantages that change based on the location of the property, your budget as well as the type of property you have. Home flat roofs are different from warehouses for example. Before installing a flat roof, make sure to talk to an experienced contractor. Contact us at RH Renovation NYC for a consult or free quote regarding the installation of a certain type of flat roof in New York and other areas we operate in. 

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