Exterior Spiral Stair Designs

Exterior Spiral Stair Designs

Exterior spiral stairs are timeless. They offer a rustic and contemporary appeal that can withstand changing trends and provide a beautiful architectural feature for your home. They can be minimalist and modern or traditional and heavier. You can use them to access small elevated entrances or patios located on the second floor. These staircases are practical as they follow one vertical axis and do not occupy a lot of space. 

The cost of an exterior spiral staircase varies from $1000 to $2000. This cost varies from location to location. Also, the materials you choose for the staircase will impact the overall cost. 

You can buy exterior spiral stair kits and assemble them on site. These are easy to build as they come in large ‘puzzle’ pieces and instructions. Alternatively, you can build them from scratch and enjoy a more unique design. 

Some of the most popular exterior spiral stair designs of the moment are lightweight and minimal black staircases in metal. These stairs have small diameters and thin handrails in galvanized steel or aluminum. They offer a stylish, modern rustic look for your home and go very well with black window frames. In addition, these stairs are durable and weatherproof, therefore offering not only beautiful aesthetics and efficient functionality but also a safe and low maintenance solution to reach higher levels of the home. 

Another popular exterior spiral stair design is an all-aluminum one. This stair has a very industrial look and is more appropriate for rear facades than street-front ones. It looks practical and can be quite small and preserve a lot of space. 

White spiral staircases are quite popular in exterior facades too. You can combine wood steps and landing to make the staircase more homely while still maintaining a coastal fresh look. 

If you want to design exterior spiral stairs that are unique and efficient in the area of New York, contact us at RH Renovation NYC. Our team can come on-site, check the space and the existing style of your home and offer a spiral staircase to complement the look and take it a step further. Our contractors will be able to build the staircase to precision and implement all suggestions from our talented designers. Our experience in outdoor stair construction gives us the confidence to build any spiral staircase in a short period of time so you can enjoy your new facade sooner rather than later. 

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