Flat Roof Advantages and Disadvantages

Flat roof advantages and disadvantages

Flat roofs are certainly beautiful and modern architectural features but appearance is not all that matters in a home. So how do you know if a flat roof is beneficial to your property? Get all the facts straight! 

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of flat roofs so you can decide for yourself. 

Flat roof advantages 

One of the major benefits of a flat roof is cost. These roofs are cheaper to install or renovate. They also require less effort and money to maintain due to their horizontal surface which is easy to access through a simple ladder. As such you can clean it yourself, without having to hire a professional. In addition, flat roofs have fewer issues in general, which results in lower maintenance costs. 

Next, flat roofs are also easier and faster to build than the alternative. 

Another flat roof advantage is the added space they provide for the home. You can use this extra floor area to create a nice outdoor living room or roof garden and enjoy 360-degree views during the summer. Alternatively, you can use a flat roof to place HVAC units or solar panels and make your home more efficient. 

Last but not least, a flat roof is beneficial to the interior of the home as well. It makes rooms more versatile and their volume feels bigger. All in all, rooms located under a flat roof are more comfortable to be in. 

Flat roof disadvantages

The major disadvantage of a flat roof is its ability to retain water due to the horizontal surface. The accumulation of water on the roof can cause possible leaks and drainage problems. This in turn can cause problems to the entire structure of your home and in some extreme cases, even the foundations. As a result, flat roofs are not the best option for locations that experience heavy rains or even snow. In addition to water damage, snow also adds extra load to a flat roof and challenges its structural stability. 

Next, the lifespan of a flat roof is still not properly defined in the construction industry. It is related to the materials used to build the roof. These materials on the other hand are somewhat limited in certain areas. 

For more information on flat roof services, feel free to contact us at RH Renovation NYC. We can discuss in detail the possibility of installing a flat roof to your property and the benefits it can provide to your home.

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