Flat Roof Extension Design Ideas

Flat roof extension design ideas

At RH Renovation NYC we have dealt with many roof renovations and we are happy to share our knowledge and insight. So without further ado, here are some of our favorite flat roof extension design ideas

The first idea that everyone seems to love nowadays is to extend a flat roof of a single-story home and create a balcony. You can use this balcony as an entertainment space and invite your friends over for cocktail parties. In addition, you can appreciate nice views from a raised patio. 

Next, we love the glass flat roof extension design ideas. This structure creates a very nice interior full of natural sunlight. It is built with large glass panels that look luxurious and elegant. As a result, the value of your property will drastically increase while its appearance also benefits from this modern appeal. 

Another one of our favorite flat roof extension design ideas is the projecting overhang. This design move does not add usable area space but it can impact the appearance of your home and provide a small shelter and protection from rain close to the walls. This design takes inspiration from the prairie architectural style of Frank Lloyd Wright and makes the exterior of your house look quite interesting. 

Best flat roof ideas of 2021

When it comes to flat roof design ideas, 2021 has quite the collection. Here are some of our favorite: 

The multiple flat roofs 

Most modern houses have multiple flat roofs of different sizes and shapes, composed like a proper art piece. These roofs create a contemporary look, combined with flat roof balconies and overhangs. It is quite the collage to see!

The green flat roof

You can use your flat roof to plant small bushes and create the famous green roof that is not only nice and relaxing to look at but also environmentally friendly. 

The roof gardens

Having a flat roof allows you to utilize that space in the most creative ways. One of them is to add a pavilion and some potted plants and create a proper oasis on top of your home. 

The modern flat roof

You can have a minimal look and make the most out of it with a modern flat roof that has a small projection over the exterior shell of your property. 

If you have more flat roof extension design ideas to discuss, feel free to contact us at RH Renovation NYC. A member of our staff will go through your project details and find the best way to implement your ideas and achieve a beautiful look for your home. 

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