Modern Home Window Design Idea

Modern Home Window Design Idea

Modern-style windows can change the look of your facade and give it a fresh new vibe. In addition, they can increase the value of your property and make it stand out from the rest! This is particularly of interest if you are looking to sell your home. 

If you are not sure what home window designs best suit your existing structure, here are some suggestions so you can enhance your facade and give extra personality to your home. 

Minimalistic home window designs

A minimalistic home window design is a great solution that works well with many architectural styles, providing a balanced look that is both contemporary and timeless. These windows are large, with no ornaments or decorations in the glazing and frame. In addition, they offer plenty of views and natural sunlight into the room. 

Mid-century modern window designs

Mid-century modern windows are still very popular nowadays and can give your home a charming appeal. These windows are perfect for stone cladding and pitched roofs. They feature bolder colors and more detailed frames in comparison to minimalistic designs. You might even find some peculiar shapes and stained glass versions which will add more warmth and elegance to your interior. 

Round home window designs

Round home window designs are a distinct feature of modern style (an architectural style originating from the 20s and not to be confused with contemporary style, which refers to what is popular and trending right now). These windows come in a series of twos or threes and work best with flat roofs. 

Peculiar shape window designs

Architects love to experiment with shapes and forms, so you will find many unique window shapes that can work well with your existing facade, and make it feel more contemporary and modern. The triangle windows are rare but really eye-catching. Diamond windows have seen an increase in popularity, as well as half dome windows which look like they came straight off a submarine. 

Modern window design ideas for homes are quite compelling, but not every architectural style works well with such contemporary window solutions. If you are still not sure which way to go with your new window installation, feel free to contact us at RH Renovation NYC. Our team of designers can provide you with solutions that will elevate the look of your home and make the interior gain a fresh new atmosphere. Contact us for a free quote and get your design and construction project started!

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