Modern Roof Gutter Design Calculator

Modern roof gutter design calculator

A modern gutter design can change the appearance of your facade and make your home front elevation look more appealing. This is a positive and advantageous thing if you are looking to sell your home, as it will increase its overall asking price. In addition, it will make you appreciate your home design more even if you are not looking for potential buyers. Last but not least, the right roof gutter design will increase the level of protection from water damages to your property and lower yearly maintenance costs. 

If you are looking to upgrade your roof gutter design there are a few things to keep in mind. A roof gutter calculator can definitely be useful. What this calculator does is help you figure out a roof gutter design that is sustainable and efficient. It does so by calculating the capacities of the eaves and determining the right shape and size of the gutter for your roof. The goal is to avoid overflow and potential damages to the overall health of your home. You can use an online roof gutter calculator or get a professional team involved. Contact us at RH Renovation NYC to get a quote or learn more about roof gutter design. 

How does a roof gutter calculator work

A roof gutter calculator takes into account a few variables in order to determine the best and most modern gutter design for your home. First of all, when using the calculator, you need to determine the watershed area of your roof (sq ft) by multiplying the length from eave to peak with the width. Next, you need to figure out the intensity of rainfall in the area the property is located, measured in 5-minute interval inches per hour. Then, to determine the amount of water that the gutter needs to drain divide the watershed of the roof (in inch per hour) with the rainfall intensity. Contact your gutter supplier to get the gutter size that can handle that quantity of water. 

To determine how long the gutter will be you need to pinpoint where the downspout locations are and then find out the length between those locations. This is where the gutters will be placed. The size of the downspout also depends on the intensity of rain. Consult with your local dealer for an accurate size. All in all, the calculator takes into account the rainfall intensity of the area the property is located and the area of the roof to provide you with a more precise roof gutter design. 

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