Online Gutter and Downspout Calculator Guidelines

Online Gutter and Downspout Calculator Guidelines

A gutter and downspout calculator helps you determine the right size for both these elements in order to maintain your house as safe as possible from heavy rains. Gutters are structures that go on the sides of your roof and redirect rainwater to the downspouts so that it does not leak all over the external walls and cause mold, stains, leaks or other issues in your structure. 

The gutter downspout calculator can also help you pick the right design after you get all the facts straight about the size of these two elements. 

So here is a quick breakdown of how to calculate gutter size through an online service. First, determine the square footage of the drainage area of the gutter. For roofs that have many facets make sure to add the area of each one that drains into the gutter. 

Next, you need to take into account the roof pitch and determine this factor as a steeper roof will get more water into your gutters in a shorter period of time. Measure the pitch and find the factor from the information below: 

1.3 for 12 in 12+

1.2 for 9 in 12 – 11 in 12

1.1 for 6 in 12 – 8 in 12

1.05 for 4 in 12 – 5 in 12

1 for Flat to 3 – 12

You also need to determine the maximum rainfall intensity through the US records in your specific area. 

After you get all this data, find the right size for your gutters by multiplying the drainage area with the two factors. Once you get this number, check a gutter size table online to pinpoint the right one for you. 

For the downspout, you can use an online calculator to determine its size and capacity. Put the data in the correct boxes and wait for the final result. When looking for the calculator, make sure to choose a website that is based in your country and ideally where the property is located. This way you can enter data in the same units you generally use without getting confused. 

If you need further assistance with your gutter and downspout design calculations in the area of New York, feel free to contact us at RH Renovation NYC. Our team of professional technicians and contractors has the right experience to calculate the gutters and pick the perfect design for your home. We can also provide you with a quote for free and help you navigate this process as easily as possible. 

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