Tips on Painting a Chimney Exterior: How To

Tips on Painting a Chimney Exterior: How To

Chimneys are interesting projections on your roof that also constitute an eye-catching architectural feature. As such, you want them to look their best and complement the pristine appearance of the rest of your home. This is why painting a chimney exterior has become a very popular practice. It allows you to give a fresh look to your property. 

Most chimneys are made of brick, a very attractive material, but one that loses its appeal after its color fades and becomes stained by the smoke. Brick chimneys are easy to paint, but to get the right color or save money in the process, you need to learn some tricks of the business. 

Here are some useful tips on painting a chimney exterior, provided to you by our experts at RH Renovation NYC. 

  • As with any other job, the first thing you need to do is clean the chimney and prepare the surface. Make sure there are no particles in between the bricks and nothing that could peel off after the paint has been applied. Use either a brush soaked in soap and water or a pressure washer for this step. Make sure the pressure is not too high so that the brick edges do not break. Also, make sure you are safe and stable on your roof when you clean your chimney or start applying the paint. Wear appropriate shoes and clothing so that you do not slip off the edge. 
  • Next, fix any missing mortar and let it dry and set before you work on your chimney paint. You need to make sure the structure of the chimney is intact before doing anything. It is best to do a chimney inspection once a year (or more if you use your fireplace extensively). Ask for more information at RH Renovation NYC on how to inspect your chimney and ensure it is working properly. 
  • Once you have fixed any possible damages, it is time to prepare the area for the paint job. Spread old newspapers at the base of the chimney to protect your roof covering from getting stained in the process. 
  • Find the correct type of paint for your chimney. Use a primer for a chimney that is used only on rare occasions or a high-temperature paint for highly used chimneys. 
  • Pick the right color that will complement the external look of your home and its architectural style. Ask for directions at your local paint dealer if you are not sure what color to paint your chimney exterior. 
  • Go for spray paint. Spray paint is a better choice for brick chimney exteriors than brushing their surfaces or rolling paint over them. The spray will get every single inch of the brick, even hidden spots that a brush cannot reach. Make sure to wear a protective mask when applying either spray or brush paint on your chimney to protect yourself. 
  • Use two coats of paint for lighter colors or one coat if you are applying a bold shade. 

Enjoy your brand new chimney exterior! 

If you need any assistance or the hand of a professional feel free to contact us. RH Renovation NYC are leaders in the restoration and installation of chimneys in New York City.

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