Average Cost to Replace Siding on House

Average Cost to Replace Siding on House

Siding is important because it protects your home and its structure and allows you to have a comfortable interior environment where to reside. Being a material that is placed on the outside, however, it experiences a lot of issues and requires constant repairs and replacements. And if you are wondering what the cost to replace siding on a house is, you have stumbled upon the right place.

In general, siding replacement costs about $10 per square foot. This price does vary depending on the material of the siding, the contractor working on the replacement project, the shape of the house, the size the siding comes in (any customization on the siding material will impact the final cost), the area where the property is located and when the siding is going to be installed as the weather can help or impede the process. 

In addition, the general rule of thumb is that the bigger the house, the more siding you need so the higher the cost to replace the siding on the house will be. 

Cost to replace siding on a house by material 

House siding comes in different materials such as metal, vinyl, brick, wood, fiber cement, and stone. Wood however is the most common material in the US. It is also one of the most affordable siding materials available and it can cost even as low as $2 per square foot

The cost of each siding material will also vary from state to state and from seller to seller. But here are some national averages that you can keep as a benchmark. 

Something to keep in mind however is that once you choose a cheap material, you have to consider hidden costs such as installation and maintenance. 

Vinyl usually costs between $5 and $8 while wood comes at a cheaper price, between $2 and $6 per square foot. In addition, metal siding costs from $2 to $11, and fiber cement siding is priced at $6 per square foot. Brick siding costs $9 per square foot while stone is the most expensive siding at the moment, priced at $20 per square foot. 

These prices do not include installation. The rule of thumb when it comes to installation is the heavier the material, the more it costs so stone is still the most expensive siding to install. In addition, the shape of the house will increase installation costs, especially if you are dealing with an organic form. 

If you want a free consultation for your house siding, contact us at RH Renovation and our experts will be happy to assist you for your entire request.

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