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At RH Renovation NYC we offer comprehensive chimney services for everyone in need of a professional contractor in New York. We pride ourselves as a leading chimney contractor, and we specialize in high-quality chimney repair and renovation, ensuring your fireplace’s optimal performance and safety – which should never be neglected. Moreover, our expert team conducts thorough inspections to identify any issues. In addition, we provide precise chimney installation for new builds or upgrades. Our chimney cleaning services guarantee a soot-free, efficient system.

Trust us as your go-to chimney company for reliable, skilled, and efficient chimney maintenance and solutions.

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Choose the best chimney contractor

Select RH Renovation NYC for the best chimney services in New York. Our skilled team of technicians and designers excels in chimney repair, cleaning, and installation, ensuring safety and efficiency. Contact us as your go-to chimney contractor for all your fireplace needs, and we will provide our services ASAP.

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Chimney Inspection

At RH Renovation NYC we offer meticulous chimney inspection services, ensuring safety and efficiency with expert analysis and tailored solutions by our seasoned professionals in New York.


Our team at RH Renovation NYC provides expert chimney repair, which allows your fireplace and chimney to be safe and durable, thanks to high-quality workmanship and materials, tailored to New York’s diverse chimney needs.

Chimney Installation

Choose RH Renovation NYC for professional chimney installation, offering precision, safety, and style to perfectly suit your New York home’s specific needs and aesthetic.

Call us today for a professional and all inclusive service from the best chimney company in New York!

Are you renovating your chimney?

If you’re renovating your chimney, RH Renovation NYC is your ideal choice in New York. We excel in providing top-tier chimney services, from detailed inspections to expert repairs and renovations. Our team ensures every project meets high standards of safety and efficiency. As renowned contractors, we specialize in both traditional and modern chimney designs, offering personalized solutions to enhance your fireplace experience. Choose us for a seamless, high-quality chimney renovation that stands the test of time. Contact RH Renovation NYC for unparalleled craftsmanship and service in chimney restoration.

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