Concrete Walkway Around House Cost

Concrete Walkway Around House Cost

There are many reasons why you should build a concrete walkway around the house. First of all, you need the polished and dirt-free surface that concrete provides in order to walk around your property without dragging mud and splattering it all over your facade. The same concept goes for rain splatter. Basically, if there is no mud around the house, any drop of rain that backsplashes to the outer shell of your home will be clean. Therefore, your maintenance and cleaning costs will go down. 

The ultimate decision on whether you need this sidewalk or not comes down to the concrete walkway around the house cost. 

Concrete slabs cost between 1.5 to 1.9 dollars per square foot. In addition to that, labor costs and other materials amount from 7 to 8 dollars per square foot. So in general, the national average cost for a concrete walkway is between 9 and 10 dollars per square foot

It is important to keep in mind that the costs are just a benchmark. Each project will have its own difficulties that will also impact the price. So if your home is on a flat field, building the concrete walkway is definitely easier than if it were on a slope or spreading over different terraces. In addition, labor costs differ from one state to the other as well as contractors will have a different fee based on their experience and how fast you need the job to be completed. 

That said, concrete walkways around houses are fairly easy to build and can increase the value of your property while also protecting it. They can also make your home look better through patterns and different designs. Yes! A concrete walkway does not need to be plain gray concrete. You can use additives and change the color of the concrete while also creating beautiful designs to match your garden and outdoor space. The more complex a design is, the more it is going to cost, however. 

If you have a specific design you want to discuss, feel free to contact us at RH Renovation NYC. Our professional team is proudly composed of technicians and designers that can bring your ideas to life without too much hustle. We will provide you with a cost estimate for free so you can decide whether you are ready to build a concrete walkway around your home or not. In addition, we will walk you through the process and explain every bit of it so you can always have input on what will happen to your home. 

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