DIY Chimney Maintenance Techniques

DIY Chimney Maintenance Techniques

Chimney maintenance techniques will help you increase the lifespan of the flue of the chimney, the fireplace as well as the paint job inside your home, or even the integrity of your house. These DIY maintenance steps can minimize issues from smoke and also lower the risks of fire.

The first thing you need to do regularly is cleaning with a shop vac or standard chimney cleaning tools. By doing so you can prevent creosote fires.

What you need for regular DIY chimney maintenance are a drop cloth, a flashlight, a dust mask, a flue liner brush, a noodle brush, a long-handled brush, safety glasses, and a shop vacuum.

You should clean your chimney at least once a year or even more if you live in a very cold climate and use your wood-burning chimney very often.

Try to burn dry wood instead of wet ones as they create less creosote and make your chimney safer, requiring less frequent maintenance.

Inspect your chimney every 50 burns to make sure it is clean enough. Once you see signs of buildup it is time to make your move.

Start by removing any chimney soot. This is a pretty simple process. If you notice creosote buildup in the internal walls of the chimney, it is time to start working hard to get it off.

Begin the process by cleaning the smoke chamber from the fireplace. It should be easy enough to reach with a brush.

You can also clean the flue from the chimney crown. Be careful when you reach this area if you have a very steep roof. Try to be safe every step of the way.

Clean the flue with a metal bristle if your chimney is made of clay or use plastic bristles if you have a metal liner.

Last but not least, make sure to cover the fireplace with a plastic sheet before you start cleaning the chimney from the outside so you can protect the interior from any dirt escaping.

If you feel these chimney maintenance techniques are too overwhelming, contact us at RH Renovation NYC for help. We can provide you with professional technicians that can provide you with an estimate for free before the start of the project. Our local teams can come on-site on the same day and finish the job quickly so you can enjoy your fireplace and all its comfort and warmth.

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