DIY Roof Inspection after Installation

DIY Roof Inspection after Installation

A roof inspection after installation is required to preserve the quality and longevity of the roof. In addition, it prevents your energy bills from spiking and allows you to work on damages early enough so that repair is still possible.

Inspecting a roof, however, can be tricky because of its location and shape. So before beginning to inspect your roof make sure you are wearing safe shoes that do not slip and you are buckled up safely on the chimney or any other pole you can find there.

If you have all the gear in place, start your inspection from the ground up.

Check the exterior of the house for moss, algae, or rotten leaves. Start from the ground and check the facade as well as the area right underneath the roof eaves, the gutters, and the top of the roof.

If you find any moss you need to kill it immediately because it absorbs water and allows it to sip into the structure of your roof, which in many cases is wood. Once water gets in contact with wood it can get damaged deeply, enough to compromise its structure and integrity.

Get a brush to scrub the moss off or apply moss killer.

Next, check for damaged shingles. Even if your roof has just been installed, it can still be damaged from normal day to day life. Look out for missing shingles, especially if you have experienced a recent storm. If you have wooden shingles, check for any rotten ones. If you have asphalt shingles instead, check for any granules on their surface. Clean them up to prevent them from falling into the gutters and creating a blockage on their surface.

Another step in your roof inspections after the installation process is a close look into the flashings, dormers, chimneys, and vent pipes.

Once the outdoor inspection is done, go inside your house and look in the attic. Check for any stains or foul smells, or anything that is an indication of mold or leaks.

If you don’t trust your judgment when conducting an inspection, there is nothing to worry about. After all, if this is not your area of expertise, it is hard to pinpoint the repairs that need to be done or whether something is a priority, a cause for concern or nothing to worry about.

Contact us at RH Renovation NYC for a proper roof inspection and our local team will join you on-site as soon as possible.

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