Roof Inspection Service in The Bronx

At RH Renovation NYC we have created an experienced team of designers and technicians that offer comprehensive roof inspection services in The Bronx, including roof leak detention that could prevent major damages from reaching the internal structure of your property. Our certified inspectors meticulously assess all aspects of your roof, from shingles to flashing, to identify potential issues and ensure optimal performance.

In addition, we offer both commercial and residential inspection roofing services that can help you maintain the structural integrity of your roof in the long run. Trust us to provide accurate assessments and peace of mind for your property.

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Commercial Roof Inspection in The Bronx

Our team at RH Renovation NYC specializes in commercial roof inspection services in The Bronx. The process of our experienced inspectors starts with thoroughly evaluating the condition of your commercial roof, identifying areas of concern and recommending appropriate solutions to maintain its integrity and prolong its lifespan.

Residential Roof Inspection in The Bronx

RH Renovation NYC is your trusted partner for residential roof inspection in The Bronx. Our certified inspectors conduct detailed assessments of your residential roof. Our main concern is to identify any signs of damage or wear so that we can provide recommendations to address issues and prevent future problems.

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What do our clients have to say

Alan Mathews Roof Inspection

I had RH Renovation NYC perform a roof inspection on my property in The Bronx not too long ago. I couldn't be more satisfied. Their inspector was thorough and professional. They even took the time to explain their findings and recommendations in detail. I highly recommend them.

Alexa D'Amico Roof Inspection Service

RH Renovation NYC provided exceptional commercial roof inspection services for our property in The Bronx. Their inspector was prompt, courteous, and incredibly thorough, identifying issues that we were unaware of.

Elisabeth Max Roof Inspection Bronx

We recently had RH Renovation NYC conduct a residential roof inspection at our home in The Bronx, and we were very impressed. We feel confident in our new and improved roof thanks to them. 5/5

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