Gutter Repair or Replacement What to Choose

Gutter Repair or Replacement: What to Choose

Are you noticing stains on your facade? Are your gutters blocked or leaking? Should you go for a gutter repair or replacement?

There are some questions that homeowners ask daily.

Today we’re going to cover a simple dilemma: whether repairing gutters is worth it or if you need to replace them instead.

Replacing gutters is not always the best call.

Some minor problems can be fixed such as sagging. In this case, you need to replace the posts that join them. Also, warping, cracks and rusts can also be fixed especially if they are in a couple of sections only.

You can fix cracks by washing the area with alcohol and then putting sealant on them. If the crack is too big you can just replace the specific section and connect the new one onto the existing gutter.

Sometimes a complete gutter replacement is needed. These are some signs such as frequent damage or gutters that are completely detached from your home. In this case, fixing them would not be able to do the trick so you would need to replace the whole gutter instead of smaller chunks that would still be detached later on. You might choose to use new fasteners but if the issue persists it’s going to be cheaper in the long run to replace them.

Also, if there is a buildup of mildew or if you notice flooding in the basement, these are clear signs that your gutters are not functioning properly and you need to upgrade them.

If your gutters are too old and damaged, such as having large cracks, holes, and rust, you also need to replace your gutters instead of replacing them.

Sometimes finding out whether you need to replace or repair your gutters is not something you can do on your own. Contacting a professional contractor to look into your gutters is a good idea so you can avoid spending money on repairs that will not be efficient.

Call us at RH Renovation NYC to discuss the best course of action for your damaged gutters. Our technicians can come on-site and have a look at your gutter while also analyzing the quality of your existing gutters. By doing so we can provide a proper assessment of the gutters and offer you the best advice on whether you need to replace or repair them.

Last but not least, we will provide you with a cost estimate for free so you can get a real idea of how much the entire process will cost.

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