How Long does it Take to Replace your Skylight

How Long does it Take to Replace your Skylight

Skylight replacement can prove necessary when you notice leaks, cracks, or damages on your skylight that cannot be repaired. Generally, skylights have a life expectancy of 10 to 20 years. After a couple of decades, they can no longer provide the security and shield from natural conditions as they did the first day they were installed. When this happens, replacement is necessary in order to prevent any water damage from reaching the internal space as well as the structure of your home. 

The whole process can be stressful and annoying to the occupants of a house because it means that for a while, there will be a hole on their roof that does not offer any insulation or protection to the room. Therefore, you want the skylight replacement to be done as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your home. But how long does it take to replace a skylight?

A skylight replacement should not take more than a couple of hours. This timeframe however might differ based on the slope of the roof where the skylight is placed. If the roof is hard to access, the whole process might take longer. In addition, if the weather is bad, you might have to delay your skylight replacement until the sky clears out. Also, a more experienced skylight replacement service will take much less time to remove and install a new skylight than someone who has just started in this business. 

Skylight replacement services in New York City

RH Renovation NYC is a professional contractor dealing with many residential and commercial constructions, including skylights. We offer skylight replacement services in New York City and adjacent areas. Our local team can come on-site and assess the damage to your existing skylight in order to provide a proper time frame and fee for the project. 

Feel free to contact us for a free quote on your skylight replacement. Our team of designers and technicians can help you pick the best skylight for your roof that will provide a nice architectural detail, a great new internal feel as well as an increase in the cost of your property. In addition, we can also offer valuable insight on other areas of home improvement such as roof repairs, sidings, decks, patios, pavements, gutters, and more. 

Trust us with the health of your home or commercial structure and be proactive about preserving your investment!

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