How Much does your Chimney Inspection Cost

How Much does your Chimney Inspection Cost

Inspecting your chimney is something that you should do at least twice a year. It is a simple process that prevents any possible fire hazards and keeps your fireplace clean, tidy, and safe. In addition, it prevents smoke from entering your home and mold from building up in between any possible cracks. All in all, a chimney inspection is a crucial checkpoint in your house’s maintenance to-do list as it maintains your living space healthy and secure. 

But just how much does a chimney inspection cost?

There are two types of chimney inspections. The first one is called DIY chimney inspection and is the one you can do yourself if you are somewhat handy with this type of housework. This process is typically low cost as all you need is a ladder, a flashlight, and a lot of energy. 

The second one is the professional chimney inspection which will come with additional costs that vary from 100 to 5000 dollars. Many factors determine this price and these include the area where the house is located, the contractors’ experience, the amount of annual usage that the chimney gets, and the level of inspection that is to be conducted. 

A first level chimney inspection cost is the cheapest one, starting at 100 and going up to 1000 dollars. It includes a thorough sweep of the chimney and should be done for at least once a year. 

The second level chimney inspection cost is around 200 and 1000 dollars. This type of inspection is mostly advised if the chimney looks very damaged, especially after a strong storm. It includes a detailed inspection from top to bottom and it is a little more risky than the first one, considering the state of the structure of the chimney. 

The third level chimney inspection cost is from 500 to 5000 dollars and is appropriate for very damaged chimneys, especially where the damage has reached the structure. 

Other smaller chimney inspection costs vary from 200 to 400 dollars and these include camera inspections. 

It should be noted that these prices only cover the chimney inspection costs and not the repairs needed. In most cases, you would need to appoint a contractor to get your chimney in working condition after the inspection. 

If you have concerns about your chimney in New York, contact us at RH Renovation NYC. Our professional staff can do both an inspection on your chimney as well as the necessary repairs. We always provide an estimate for free before the start of the project so you know how much the entire job is going to amount to. 

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