How to Cover Your Skylight Windows

How to Cover Your Skylight Windows

Skylights are windows on your roof that offer numerous benefits for your attic. At some point however you might choose to cover them for various reasons. Whether they’re letting too much sunlight in or they are right next to your neighbor’s balcony and allowing them to peek inside your attic, the best choice is to add a flexible system to cover your skylights.

Here are two tips from professionals on how to cover skylight windows without diminishing their charm and functionality.

  • Think about enhancing the functionality of your skylight.

Add a skylight shade or blind so that you can control the light that enters your room and prevent it from overheating the entire space during the hot months of the summer. You can choose a mechanical blind or an automated one that works just with the click of a button on a wall or through a remote.

  • Add more privacy to the room

If privacy is your concern, pick a blackout skylight blind that will completely cover the transparency of the window glass. Blackout blinds are also more energy efficient.

Check out our suggestion on how to cover your skylight windows below.

Use skylight shades and blinds

This system offers functionality and aesthetics. You can choose different shades of colors to match the decor of your room. You can even pick a pattern to add depth to the design of your attic ceiling.

Using honeycomb shades

Honeycomb-style shades are great for indoor skylights. They come in blackout and sunscreen fabrics. In addition, these shades are very energy efficient thanks to the air gap in between the honeycomb design.

Using synthetic shades

Synthetic shades can be made of aluminum or PVC which allows the shades to be exposed to the sun for a longer time. These materials are also quite resistant to moisture and do not crack even under extreme heat. They are perfect for bathroom skylights.

The bottom line is skylight covers are important for many reasons. They add decor and charm to your interior design. In addition, they help prevent a room from overheating and allow you to control the amount of light in a room. They also offer extra privacy so you can use your bedroom or bathroom in the attic in peace. Last but not least, skylight covers can prevent heat from escaping from the glass, especially if you choose honeycomb ones that have air pockets and serve as insulation. Call us at RH Renovation NYC for more information!

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