How To Find where Your Roof is Leaking

How To Find where Your Roof is Leaking

A roof leaking is a good reason for concern that should not be dismissed. It can allow water to penetrate the ceiling and even reach the structure of the property. By doing so it can cause mold in the walls, discoloration, stains, and worst of all, problems in the structure.

Therefore, finding where the leaking is happening on a roof can help you keep the health of your property intact but also save a considerable amount of money on repairs and maintenance.

Finding a roof leak, however, is not as easy. Checking the water drip from a ceiling is a good start but it does not guarantee that the source of the leak is right over that. Water flows through different layers in the roofing system before it reaches the ceiling and becomes visible, and it can deviate from the source of the leak in doing so.

As a result, finding leaking in a roof is usually done by a professional contractor. But here are some steps you can take before you contact a specialist.

First of all, make sure there actually is a leakage because of a puncture in your roof and not due to condensation. Some ceilings may show discoloration because of extreme condensation and are considered a false leak. In this case, you need a ventilation system that will help reduce condensation.

If you have an attic you can enter this space and check for black mold spots or water poodles and follow the water to the source. In most cases, water leaks are around skylights, chimneys, or just holes in the roofing. If that is the case, call us at RH Renovation NYC to discuss what the best course of action is. You need professional help to repair and deal with the sealant and check what type of insulation you have and how to repair it properly.

Make sure to act in a timely manner when you notice water stains or moisture on your ceiling because you never know how much water is accumulated in the ceiling and how much the structure can hold.

You might also have water leaks without the stains or moisture. One way to tell is if you notice a foul smell in the house. Chances are your leak comes from the roof as that is the very top layer of your home that also provides the first barrier against rain or wind. Contact us at RH Renovation NYC for more information on how to tell if you have a roof leak.

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