Outdoor Covered Patio Ideas Attached to House

Outdoor Covered Patio Ideas Attached to House

Having a patio attached to your home is very convenient. It allows you to enjoy fresh air in the outdoor space while being extremely close to your home and amenities such as the kitchen or bathroom. In addition, it also means that you can walk to an outdoor space without having to step on mud or grass. As a result, you can be outdoors and not drag any dirt inside your home because you are walking on pavers the whole time. 

If you want to keep your patio cleaner than ever however, you need to add a cover so that the whole surface, including the furniture, outdoor rug, or anything else located on your patio can be protected from rain or wind. 

Here are some outdoor covered patio ideas attached to a house that you can try. 

The most popular outdoor cover for your patio attached to your home is an awning. Awnings are easy to install and take very little maintenance. They are also flexible and you can open or close them as you please, allowing you to have both an open and covered patio.

Next, you can try a lightweight steel or wood structure in the concept of a pergola. Pergolas are very romantic and create a relaxing atmosphere for your patio. You can match the pergola with a hammock or lightweight outdoor furniture, and a jute rug. The whole ensemble will make you feel like stepping into a small corner of a resort and allow you to fully unwind in your own patio. 

Other ideas you can try are having a proper roof to cover your patio and use it as an extension of your own house roof. This type of outdoor covered patio idea attached to the house is more durable and stable and offers better protection for your patio. You can also add a structure of mosquito nets around the space. It even allows you the opportunity to add glazing later on and convert your patio into a sunroom. 

If you have another idea in mind on how to cover your patio, feel free to contact us at RH Renovation NYC. Our team has dealt with many residential constructions and has the necessary experience to complete the project successfully. Our designers can suggest which look works best for your home and how to increase the value of your property in the process. Contact us for a free estimate and start discussing your patio renovation today!

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