Plastic Gutter Guards Pros and Cons

Plastic Gutter Guards Pros and Cons

There are many different types of gutter guards. These elements are used to protect the guards from being blocked which allows them to be more efficient in accumulating and redirecting water away from the facade, ultimately protecting the structure from water stains and deeper damage.

Plastic gutter guards are quite popular in the construction community, especially among people who like DIY projects.

Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of plastic gutter guards.

Advantages of using plastic gutter guards

First of all, plastic gutter guards are very easy to install. As most guards, they are made for retrofit installation which means they can be applied on any existing structure without having to change the entire drainage system of your roof.

In addition, plastic gutter guards are lightweight and will not add extra load to your gutters. They will prevent any rotting or rust from being created on the gutters and reduce the  frequency of gutter cleanings.

Most importantly, plastic gutter guards are cheaper than other alternatives. Even if damages to their structure are more frequent than let’s say aluminum guards, changing the guards altogether will not put a dent in your finances.

Disadvantages of using plastic gutter guards

The main disadvantage of plastic gutter guards is they can make cleaning your gutters more difficult. While gutter guards protect your gutters from debris, they do not eliminate the need to conduct cleanings. Small seeds and pine needles can still penetrate the surface of plastic guards and accumulate on the gutter. Removing plastic gutter guards is easy but it can crack the guard and damage it, therefore making cleaning a real hustle.

Next, plastic gutter guards are not very durable. While they cost less than aluminum, they can bend over time and even become warped. The damage is more frequent and more severe if the property is located in areas with heavy rains, and hail storms or climates with very low or high temperatures.

Moreover, plastic guards are more prone to damage by falling tree limbs or strong winds. UV light exposure can also become a real issue over time.

Therefore, plastic gutter guards are more of a short-term solution. They’re perfect if you are in a rental property or if you live in an area with mild temperatures and are away from any falling leaves and branches.

For more information on the perfect gutter guard solution for your home, read our other articles at RH Renovation NYC or contact us directly to discuss your property in more detail.

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