What are the Different Types of Drainage Systems

What are the Different Types of Drainage Systems

Different types of drainage systems are used to redirect water away from the foundations or even the facade of the house, in a safe and clean manner. This practice does not only protect your interior from mold and mildew, but it also protects the facade from stains and also the foundation from water damage. In addition, a proper drainage system helps vegetation grow around your home. It collects water into the supply of the town you live and prevents bacteria from growing, which is what would happen in case water just sat on the surface for extended periods of time.

There are many different types of drainage systems available and they all play different roles in keeping your home safe.

A surface draining system is created on the surface of the ground, where different slopes redirect water onto humps and hollow, open drains, grasses, or levees. The cast-in-place drain is an example of a surface drainage system.

One level below the surface draining system is the subsurface drainage system. This system is implemented not too deep on the soil. It is used to remove the excess water on the root level and it is often known as a French drain.

Next, there is the slope drainage system. This system uses pipes to redirect water in a downward direction in a safe and silent manner.

All downspouts and gutter systems are also part of a drainage system. These systems are quite elaborate as they start from the very top of the structure where gutters are placed on the eaves of a roof, and continue down on the facade, to the rain barrels as well as underground drainpipes that redirect water to the sewer line.

Each type of drainage system is important in ensuring the integrity of your home and its longevity, therefore special care and maintenance are required for these systems just as the rest of the elements of the home.

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