What Color Pavers go With a White House

What Color Pavers go With a White House

A white house is quite versatile. It goes well with many different colors of pavers. Our favorite option is black pavers. The high contrast between black and white is attractive and gives the house a contemporary look.

The dark black color also emphasizes the clean vibe of the house and makes it look chicer. It is a perfect choice for modern or contemporary homes with flat roofs.

Other paver colors you can try with a white facade are white, gray, terracotta, and sandstone. When looking at a good color for pavers keep into account the color of the roof as well as other elements such as shutters.

White pavers and white walls make for a very futuristic look. This style is elegant, but it is hard to maintain. White pavers need to be washed with a pressure washer very often to get rid of any dirt or tire tracks.

This look is more appropriate in areas with plenty of greenery so that the white ensemble stands out while still feeling natural and alive in between the trees, grass, and leaves.

Gray pavers are quite common, probably the most common color for sidewalks. They look very good when combined with white facades. In addition, pavers in this color are easy to maintain as they don’t show dirt too much.

This look is great for both urban as well as suburban houses. It is a perfect choice even for areas with plenty of dirt roads where the pavers can get muddy because of cars dragging mud in.

Gray pavers are also a good choice if you have pitched roofs covered in slate or shingles.

Terracotta pavers are timeless and charming. They make a white house feel warmer and more inviting. The walls themselves bring the color of the pavers to life and make the entire area more vivid.

This is a great look for an urban location where the pavers could blend in with the brick walls of houses or other structures in the neighborhood. It is also great for houses with terracotta tile roofs.

Sandstone pavers are more appropriate for a beachfront house. Combined with the white walls of the house the entire look is going to feel fresh and inspiring.

This color goes well with hints of blue in the windows or shutters.

For more ideas on what color pavers to choose for your white walls contact us at RH Renovation NYC. Our team of designers can help pick the best choice that goes with the style of your home. Call us today!

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