What is a Low Sloped Roof

What is a Low Sloped Roof

Have you ever heard the term low sloped roof and wondered what it is? As the name itself suggests, it is not a flat roof, but it is somehow pitched.

A roof pitch refers to the steepness of the roof. It is calculated as a ratio between the number of inches or feet that rise vertically for every 12 inches or feet that the roof extends horizontally.

To get the pitch of the roof you should not try to attempt to go on the roof and conduct any measurements. It is safer to ask a contractor to give you the exact pitch when an inspection is conducted.

A low sloped roof as we have previously mentioned is a roof with a low pitch, which is not steep enough to put shingles on it. While you might think that outing shingles on a low slopes roof are ok, unless the manufacturer or the building codes state that it is allowed, then you should not put shingles on because they will not perform well.

A low sloped roof is considered any roof with a pitch below 2:12. What this means is that the roof is less than 2 vertical units up for 12 horizontal units out.

Not to worry, however. There are still many different roofing options you can get for a low slope roof.

One of these is membrane roof systems. Due to the low pitch, these roofs need a waterproof material that can withstand water without causing any leaks in the interior.

Membrane roof systems are 5 foot, 10, or 20 foot wide sheets of rolled synthetic membrane that is water repellant.

There are three types of membrane roof systems: EPDM, PVC, and TPO. The two latter ones come in a white reflective color which is great for areas with high temperatures as it reflects sun rays and keeps the room below the roof much cooler.

EPDM on the other hand is a rubber and black membrane. This is mostly used for medical facilities.

Any of the three types can be used in residential buildings, however.

Metal roof systems are also used on low slope roofs. These can be standing seam and screw-down. Standing seam metal roofs are composed of a series of panels while the screw down panel roof as the name suggests is secured in place through screws.

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