What is the Most Energy Efficient Roof

What is the Most Energy Efficient Roof

When you decide to redo your roof you want to choose the most energy-efficient roof possible so that your new structure not only looks good and appealing but also lowers your energy bills while preserving a nice atmosphere inside the house or commercial unit.

The roof is actually one of the most important features that can help you save energy. So, choosing a material that can help you achieve better results on the roof is quite smart. What you need to look for is a material that is reflective and does not absorb heat, such as metal.

Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular thanks to their energy-saving properties as well as their minimal and contemporary look.  These roofs provide a good level of insulation with the right layers underneath. They help keep your attic cool during the summer thanks to the reflective properties of the metal which rejects solar heat. In addition, metal roofs also help you preserve heat during the winter.

While metal can be used to create one of the most efficient roofs possible in the US, there are however some additional steps that can help your home lower energy bills even more. For starters, use a light-colored metal instead of a dark one so that you can increase its reflectivity. Next, use the right coating to reflect the sun’s radiation even more so that less heat can penetrate the layers of the roof and reach the interior of your home.

Lastly, ventilation plays a big role in increasing the efficiency of a metal roof, or any kind of roof for that matter. A proper ventilation system can keep your internal temperature balanced and comfortable and also lower humidity, and prevent moisture and mold build-up in the attic. You can use skylights or windows to induce natural ventilation in the attic or turn to mechanical systems such as eclectic vents.

Most energy-efficient roofs after metal

Some people feel metal is a cold and quite futuristic material, and prefer to use more traditional roofing systems such as tiles or shingles. Tiles make some of the most energy-efficient roofs after metal. They can be made of pre-treated slate, concrete, or clay to maximize their efficiency.

If you are looking to make your roof more efficient by replacing the roofing, contact us at RH Renovation NYC and we can guide you through the process. In addition, we will provide you with a cost estimate for free and suggest the most appropriate material to use in the specific area where your property is located.

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