What Kind of Roof Should You Choose, Flat One or Normal One

What Kind of Roof Should You Choose, Flat One or Normal One

Are you thinking of a new roof installation? If so, what type of roof is better for you? Are you going to opt for a flat roof installation or a normal one?

Well, let’s start by defining what a flat roof is and what people consider a normal roof.

Flat roof installation

Flat roofs are horizontal surfaces over the top layer of your home. They are easy to install and offer a contemporary look in addition to some other benefits. Flat roofs are great in nice climates that have a lot of sunny days. You can use the extra floor area to create a roof garden or just a utility space. Flat roofs allow you to enjoy 360-degree views and are perfect if you like to spend time outdoors. 

Normal roof installation

The ‘normal roof’ is a funny term, generally used by most people to indicate a sloped or pitched roof. These roofs are certainly interesting as they can come in a variety of materials that add color and texture to the exterior of your home. In addition, they create a nice internal volume as well as a captivating external shape that can capture people’s attention. 

Pitched roofs are perfect for areas that experience a lot of rain and snow as the water or snow crystals just slide off, relieving any extra load from the roof. They are also quite versatile as these roofs allow you to play around with the angle of the slope and create the look that best fits your vision. 

So how exactly do you choose which type of roof to go for

The answer is not as simple. If you need extra floor area and garden space, then definitely go for a flat roof. If you like some peculiar ceiling shape and a nice cabin ambiance, opt for a slope roof. 

If you do not really have a clear idea of what you prefer, then let the professionals have their input. Feel free to contact us at RH Renovation NYC to get a free quote on your new roof installation. As an experienced roof contractor, we are confident in giving the best advice on what type of design better suits your property as well as what course of action to follow to give you the best service possible. Trust us with the safety and looks of your home and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your roof by the end of the process. 

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