Average Cost of Chimney Cleaning

Average Cost of Chimney Cleaning

Do you have a fireplace at home? Are you getting extra smoke and dirt into your living room or bedroom? If so, this means your chimney needs a thorough clean. But what is the average cost of a chimney clean? 

The national average cost of chimney cleaning is about $252. However, the prices vary between states and between contractors. The general range is from $100 to $300. If your chimney is too blocked and cleaning requires more time and energy, it could even go up to $1000

If you are careful and rigorous with your home maintenance, and in addition use a wood fireplace, the cost can be much lower, such as $80

It is important to note that the more the fireplace is used, the cheaper the chimney clean will be. So if you are dealing with a derelict home, the chimney sweep can be much higher. 

In general, the cleaning kit costs about $100. Therefore, you can even decide to take on a little DIY project and get your sweeping cost down. 

It is highly recommended however that you hire a professional to do the chimney sweep. Although the cost will be higher than a DIY project, the extra charges will also provide better service and offer a better result. 

Professional chimney sweepers use a brush attached to a flexible rod that goes up and down the flue. They usually start the cleaning from the roof and continue down. There are cases however where the contractor will see fit to start from the fireplace and continue up. 

Another method is to use brushes attached to ropes where two people or teams, are positioned one on the roof and the other near the fireplace and move the brushes by pulling the ropes. 

Keep in mind that either method will create some mess in the room so it is best to cover the fireplace or move the furniture further away from the chimney

Starting the sweep from the top however is the cleanest method of sweeping a chimney so opt for this one if asked. 

All in all, it should be noted that the average cost of a chimney cleaning is justified considering how many benefits it brings to your home, starting with safety from fires and smoke inhalation. 

Contact us at RH Renovation NYC if you need further information or assistance on chimney repairs, renovations, cleans, and inspections. Our professional staff will offer the most reasonable solutions and ensure that your fireplace remains a wonderful feature in your home. 

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