Which is the Best Way to Clean Brick Fireplace

Which is the Best Way to Clean Brick Fireplace

A brick fireplace is certainly a very nice feature to have in a home. Whether in the living room, dining room, or a bedroom, it brings a nice warm charm to the space. It is important however to keep its exterior clean so that the fireplace can really become a focal point in the room. Keep reading to find out the best way to clean a brick fireplace.

Best way to clean a brick fireplace step by step

A brick fireplace includes textures, projections, and a rich surface that can elevate the decor of your space. But it does have its drawbacks, however. A brick surface can become very dirty and dusty, in between the bricks and mortar. Here is the best way to clean a brick fireplace step by step.

  • Start by getting the supplies you need: water, vinegar, spray bottle, sponge mop, bucket.
  • Mix water and vinegar in a bucket in equal parts. Adjust the size of the bucket considering how much brick space you have on your fireplace and how intense the stains are.
  • Pour some of the mixtures into a spray bottle and start by spraying the bricks. Alternatively, you can use a soaked sponge and start soaking the brick surface of the fireplace.
  • Let the mixture sit for a few minutes on the surface.
  • After the water and vinegar mixture has saturated the bricks, you can start cleaning them gently with a sponge. If you notice some stains are very hard to remove, you can use a nylon brush and scrub the stains more roughly until they fade.

If the fireplace does not have any stains, a simple vacuuming or dusting can be enough, just to get the grey debris off the surface.

Repeat the process as often as you see dust setting on the brick surface. Depending on how often the fireplace and the space are used, you might need to do this weekly or even monthly (if the fireplace is in a study or a room in the house less frequented).

In some cases, the stains on the brick are too persistent and you might need professional services to deal with the issue. Call us at RH Renovation NYC to discuss your interior home renovation problem. Whether it is a simple cleaning or a more serious crack that needs to be fixed in your fireplace, our team can provide the necessary advice and offer the best approach to solve the issue.

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