Best Exterior Chimney Refacing Ideas

Best Exterior Chimney Refacing Ideas

Do you have an old chimney that is ruining the look of your facade? Are you looking to freshen up your home’s exterior with new and inspiring elements? If so, here are some of the best exterior chimney refacing ideas that are guaranteed to make your house look new and stylish.

Refacing your chimney with tiles

Here is a quick and easy solution for your old and obsolete chimney: tile it up. If you choose a large black tile to go on the external part of your chimney, it will soon become a major and impactful element in your facade.

Do you love this look? Great, because it is not just attractive but also easy to make happen as well as cheap to maintain. Tiles are quite durable and will withstand harsh weather conditions.

Pick a dark color such as black to make your chimney really stand out. And if you want to be more contemporary with this approach, try a pattern that is different and rare.

Refacing your chimney with sandstone

Sandstone has a warm and traditional color that will make your chimney feel curated. You can cover up your old chimney with sandstone and even take it a step further, covering all of your exterior walls with stone so the entire house seems enveloped in this beautiful and natural element.

Last but not least, combine this look with a metal chimney cap to make it feel complete.

Refacing your chimney with metal

Are you more of an “Industrial Revolution” type of person? No worries, there is an exterior chimney refacing idea that will be perfect for you.

Try a corroded metal design around your chimney to make it look rough and more rustic. You can play with frames or keep it simple, either way, the metal will give your home a nice and vibrant edge.

Refacing your chimney with white stone

Reface your chimney with white stones to make your facade look cleaner and more polished. The white stone will merge with the look of the rest of the elevation and make your home feel more like a villa and less like a cottage.

Refacing your chimney with wood

Last but not least, give wood a shot. If you like your home to look like a cabin and blend in with a remote forest environment, then a wooden chimney will work just fine. Make sure to keep it clean however so the wood does not rot or start to develop any mold.

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