Best Siding Shingles for Houses

Best Siding Shingles for Houses

The exterior of a house is very important not just because it introduces the design of the house to everyone passing by but it also protects the interior of your home from weather conditions or more. Therefore, choosing the best siding shingles for your house is quite a responsibility.

Let’s start with an ultimate favorite one: Wood.

Wood siding is very versatile as it comes in many different styles and colors. It has a traditional look but does require maintenance to keep that look alive. Wood siding shingles require refinishing every 5 years. Most importantly, wooden siding shingles have a warm and natural vibe that is timeless and balanced. 

The most common and best wooden sidings are pine and cedar. The best types of cedar to use for siding are Alaskan yellow cedar, eastern white cedar, and red cedar. This kind of siding is durable, and it does not crack, warp, or contract.

Pine siding on the other hand is affordable but not as resistant to insects or natural conditions as cedar siding.

Either choice needs to be treated properly with protective finishes and paint that is resistant to UV lights. These are specific paints that are made for wood sidings. Also, fire retardant chemicals are required in most states.

Many types of wood can be installed over the existing siding; however, removal of the old layer is advised.

If that is the case, make sure to replace your exterior trim as well.

Next on our list of favorites is Engineered Wood.

Engineered wood is a great substitute for real wood siding shingles. It is less expensive than wood and mimics its look quite well, although it’s not the real thing.

Another good siding shingle option is Stone Veneer.

Stone veneer looks like stone and is commonly used on the main half of the walls of a house, driveway pillars, or fireplace surrounds. One thing to keep in mind however is that Stone Veneer is not real stone. It is made from aggregates and pigment so that it looks like natural stone.

Last but not least, vinyl siding shingles.

These are affordable, strong, and easy-to-install elements. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors, picking the one that looks best for your home. Their maintenance is quite easy too as you can just clean it with a brush and hose.

For more information, contact us at RH Renovation NYC. Our team can advise on the best style, color, type, and design for your home.

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