Best Outdoor Staggered Stairs Design

Best Outdoor Staggered Stairs Design

Stairs are a very intriguing feature of a house. They can be placed both indoors and outdoors and serve as a connection between different levels. While most staircases must comply with certain rules and regulations to make them safe, there are some that break the boundaries of expected design and create a new look that feels innovative and challenging. These are the staggering stairs.

Indoor staggered stairs refer to a steep staircase that has an alternate step design. They are used on very steep areas that lack space for a proper staircase.

An outdoor staggered design, on the other hand, is a playful staircase design that connects the patio of a house with the sidewalk, or other outdoor spaces on different levels. They can be used in decks as well as outdoor gardens.

Here are some of our favorite outdoor staggered designs.

The wooden floating stairs

These stairs are layered with teak wood panels and seem to be floating in the air as if they are suspended onto something hidden on the ground. They are very easy to step on as their surface is big and non-slippery. These outdoor stairs are perfect for gardens near pools or to get you to a meditation space. Their design feels quite Zen and mystical.

The concrete outdoor staggered design

These concrete stairs are modern and high-end. They are very attractive, especially with the use of the outdoor LED that gives them an edge over other outdoor staggered design. The whole staircase seems like a vertical pathway that is not just a circulation space but a real feature of the home that needs to be appreciated. Finally, the concrete gives this staircase a sturdy and reliable look.

The combined outdoor staggered staircase

Some outdoor staggered designs offer a mix between a walkable vertical pathway and a sitting area. The staggered design helps the staircase turn into elongated benches and ultimately an outdoor theatre where you can sit and relax with friends.

Call us at RH Renovation NYC if you are looking to incorporate an outdoor staggered design into your home and we can discuss materials, form, and looks. We can also provide you with a cost estimate for free before the project starts so you can allocate the right budget to this home improvement.

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