How do I Know if My Skylight Seal is Broken

How do I Know if My Skylight Seal is Broken

A skylight is a very nice feature in a house. It brings plenty of natural sunlight into an attic that would otherwise be dark and gloomy. In addition, it can serve as a natural ventilation system for the top floor or a bedroom on the roof.

Skylights however are quite delicate as they are placed on the very top of the house and are part of the first barrier and protection layer against natural conditions such as rains or snow. As such, they get damaged very often. One of the most common damages is a broken skylight seal.

Here is how to know when a skylight seal is broken.

The first telltale of a skylight broken seal is a continuous leak. As the name itself suggests, the seal provides a barrier against rainwater or other water sources such as condensation. Therefore, if you notice the interior of the skylight having small water bulbs inside, one of the issues is probably the seal being broken.

A yellow mark on the wall, where the skylight goes, is also a sign of a broken seal. The stain or yellowish color shows that a leak has happened in that spot over time and has dried out recently.

Broken seals need to be repaired as soon as possible because they can deteriorate and become quite problematic. Make sure to fix them before the damage is beyond repair and a full skylight replacement is required.

One way to prevent a skylight replacement is constant maintenance and maintenance checks.

 Call us at RH Renovation NYC to schedule a skylight maintenance.

Do not attempt to check the skylight on a sloped roof yourself as it is a dangerous procedure where you could fall. Our team at RH Renovation NYC has years of experience dealing with skylight repairs, maintenance, and replacements. We also provide skylight installation services if you want to add this feature to your roof. Call us today to discuss this project more in detail. We can provide you with a cost estimate for free and show you the most beautiful skylight designs of the past few years. You can choose between a flat rectangular skylight on a sloped roof or a smaller dome skylight that gives a beautiful light effect on the interior of your attic. You can decide between a fixed skylight or one that can be opened and allows not just light but also fresh air to enter the room.

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