The Best Window Films for Skylights

The Best Window Films for Skylights

A skylight, as most of you are familiar with, is placed on a roof and allows the sun to flow onto the room without any barriers. The angle of the skylight allows way more sunlight to enter the room than a normal widow, and as a result, more heat is transmitted into the room as well.

So what can you do to make skylights more comfortable and more energy efficient? Cover them with a film.

Here are some features of the best window films for skylights.

Skylights need a darker film which has to be more reflective to receive all the heat from the sun. One of the best brands to look for is Silver R20. This is a very reflective film with a dark tint that is commonly used for skylights in warm areas.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can only place a film on proper glass rather than Plexiglass as the film does not stick well on Plexiglass.

How does a window film help a skylight?

A skylight film will increase the appeal of a skylight while also offering a much more energy-efficient window. The best skylight film will be able to lower the heat, glare, and UV lights entering your attic or another part of your home where you have a skylight. In addition, it will make the space feel more comfortable and lower energy costs as they will block some of the heat exchange between the interior and exterior.

Last but not least, a skylight film will be able to slow the fading that comes as a result of too much sunlight.

What is the best window film for a skylight?

The best window film for a skylight is one that is custom fitted to the size and shape of your skylight. This way it can protect every part of your window pane and offer coverage in every little corner.

Film fitting can be done without any visible seams, even when the skylight has nonstandard dimensions.

For more help in picking the best window film for your skylight, please feel free to contact us at RH Renovation NYC. Our team has years of experience dealing with every aspect of skylights, from installation, repairs, replacement, and maintenance. Email us today to get more informed on how to make your home more energy efficient through simple tricks such as placing a film on your skylight.

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