What to do in Case of Emergency Roof Repair

What to do in Case of Emergency Roof Repair

Dealing with an emergency roof repair is quite overwhelming. It can disrupt your life and cause major stress not just to your mental state but also to your finances.

So before starting to panic at the first sight of a dripping ceiling, let’s have a look at what qualifies as roof damage that needs emergency repairs.

The first sign of an emergency is when you notice water or physical damage that is putting strain on the structure. This can be the case when large amounts of water are pouring through the ceiling and the roof, or when you see a huge hole in the roof that allows you to look at the sky without any barriers.

Even if you see small amounts of water running through your ceiling but going to a fuse box or hardwood floors, then you need to consider that as an emergency.

Other signs that you need a roof emergency repair are:

Noticing pests and animals entering your home from large holes in the roof.

Neglecting your roof for way too long until it develops issues in the valleys and flashing.

Damages from fires. This is a very serious case as it can cause fire hazards in other parts of the house even when the fire has already been dealt with.

Damage from fallen trees or other hard objects can pose risk to the structural integrity of the roof.

Damages from strong winds, lightning strikes, and storms. Ultimately, nature and weather patterns are the ones that cause most damage to the roof, and many that require emergency repairs, especially if you live in hurricane areas.

Some roof damages can look concerning but do not qualify for an energy roof repair. These include a few broken or missing shingles, minor leaks, small gaps in the flashing, damage from hail, some condensation in the attic, skylight leaks, or moss growth.

How to handle an emergency roof repair

Start the process of an emergency roof repair by calming down and assessing the situation to evaluate how dangerous it is. Decide whether you should evacuate the premises and book a nearby hotel or whether staying home is still safe.

Next, do not try to do any of the repairs yourself. Call a professional and schedule a roof repair service as soon as possible. Make sure to call local contractors so that you do not have to wait long for them to arrive.

If you really cannot just stand by and wait for the professionals to arrive, there is one thing you can do. Try to limit the damage to your interior by collecting any running water.

Last but not least, contact your insurance company and discuss the budget for this project.

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