When to Request a Gutter Downspout Extension

When to Request a Gutter Downspout Extension

A gutter is an essential element in a house, which works as a funnel during a storm. It is installed on the edges of the roofs and collects water from the roof which is then redirected into narrow downspouts so that it can exit securely without causing stains or any other water-related damage to the facade.

Since the journey of this water starts from the roof, which can be quite a few feet up from the ground, it can be quite forceful when it exits the downspouts.  And depending on where that exit point is, it can cause damage to your foundations, which can result in disastrous consequences for your house.

This is what happens: Water can erode the ground under a concrete slab and make it sink. As such, your patio, porches, and driveway can all suffer.

When the sinking starts, the slabs will continue to redirect water to your foundation and the house will develop hydrostatic pressure against your foundation. This pressure can create cracks in your foundation, soften the ground, and promote mold and erosion.

All in all, downspouts can impact the stability of your home.

If your downspouts are too close to your facade, you need a gutter downspout extension.

Extensions are attached to the existing downspouts. They are then routed away from the house at least 10 feet away from the foundations.

Installing downspout extensions is not a DIY project, even if you are quite handy with house repairs. The downspout extensions need to follow a certain angle, so the water does not get trapped in the pipes. It is best to incorporate the inclination of the yard in this angle and make them as efficient as possible.

Contact a professional contractor to work on your gutter downspout extensions. At RH Renovation NYC we deal with all aspects of gutters, from their installation to repairs, gutter guards, and downspout extensions. Our team is located in the NYC area and can come on-site and access the damage created by your existing downspouts, in addition to calculating how long your extensions should be.

We can provide you with a cost estimate for free, which is based on a proper assessment on-site and is relevant to your specific project.

Call us today to set up an appointment with our ingenious team of designers and technicians and we can discuss every aspect of your home from gutters to pavers, and advise you on the best course of action to make your home stand out and be in pristine conditions.

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