Can You Fix the Outside of Your Chimney

Can You Fix the Outside of Your Chimney

A chimney fix is no easy task. You need to get on a very tall ladder, reach a pitched surface and work on a slope to fix any damages. All that can be quite dangerous, and even more worrisome if you are not too familiar with construction work.

As such, we recommend all chimney repairs to be done by professional contractors. But if you feel confident about a DIY chimney repair project there are some things you can do yourself.

The first and most important thing you can do is maintain and inspect your chimney properly. The chimney is an elongated feature that generates airflow and promotes fire creation so that you can enjoy a very comfortable fireplace. Therefore, you need to check that everything is working perfectly and without obstructions so that you do not get any unexpected fires or smoke in the house.

Check that the flute is clean and that there is no creosote build-up or that there are no other items such as bird nests that can become dangerous for you. If you notice that there are too many insects or birds in your flute then you need to place a screen around the cap to keep everything out. If you already have a screen and there are still obstructions, then it is time to check that screen or replace it.

Another reason why there might be items in your flute is a wrongly sized chimney cap. If you suspect this is the case, then let your contractor know so they can measure the chimney cap and provide the one in the right size for you.

Apart from the obvious safety measures, another reason why you need to contact your local contractor is to prevent yourself from causing more damage to the chimney. If you crack the flute or other materials in the chimney you might need to do more repairs than you have anticipated and it could take a while to hire a contractor on the spot.

Some small chimney repair works you can do yourself are chimney repointing or brick replacement in case some bricks are cracked beyond repair. Another DIY chimney repair task is applying a layer of transparent sealant that comes as a spray on the other surface of the brick. This sealant can be applied not only to create a water barrier but also to make the brick look shinier and protect it from weathering.

For anything bigger please feel free to contact RH Renovation NYC for a quote.

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