Which Are the Best Sealants for Skylights

Which Are the Best Sealants for Skylights

Finding the best skylight sealant can be tricky if you are not familiar with construction and home renovation materials. Sealants however are very important in keeping your skylight well insulated and preventing water leaks.

At RH Renovation NYC we have years of experience dealing with skylights of every size and shape. We have worked on flat roofs or very steep ones, installing the best skylights that make the interior brighter and the exterior more interesting.

Here is our suggestion of the best sealant for skylight in 2022.

After careful consideration of the market we have come up with one of the best skylight sealants we believe will definitely repair your roof leaks that are due to poor skylight installation.

The Surebond Brirus SB140 skylight sealant is one of our favourites. You can find it on amazon with the following code: SB-140 T white. It has a 9.0 score and very good reviews which just shows how efficient it is as a sealant.

This is a flexible sealant that is very tight. It provides not only a waterproof barrier but also protection against UV rays and fungi.

One of the main reasons why at RH Renovation NYC we prefer this sealant is its flexibility and removability feature. This skylight sealant can be removed both when it is wet and when it is dry. Therefore if you are looking to get your hands dirty with a small DIY project, and apply it yourself, you can always remove it easily in case you are not too confident with the application.

Next, the Surebond Brirus is weather resistant and can dry up in a matter of minutes, maximum a of half an hour.

We don’t just work by word of mouth however and we expect you to do your research too on this sealant. And if you do, you will find that it conforms to ASTM D3273; FCC IV standards and provides a good vertical seal that can reach 18 inches high.

All in all the SureBond BriRus SB140 Skylight Sealant (SB140 T White) is a rubber sealant that looks a lot like silicone. It works as soon as it is exposed to direct sunlight, therefore you do not need to worry about its efficiency.

If you have a leaking skylight however call us at RH Renovation NYC to discuss what the best option is. Despite our skylight sealant suggestion, we believe that there is a specific solution for every skylight leak so let’s talk before you go into construction work.

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