Can you use Regular Concrete for Stepping Stones

Can you use Regular Concrete for Stepping Stones

Do you have a new yard that you want to decorate? Did you just buy a new home with an amazing outdoor space full of potential but lacking paving? You have definitely stepped into the right blog. At RH Renovation NYC we are masters of all home improvement-related projects, both indoor and outdoor and we can inform you on all issues, such as whether using regular concrete for stepping stones is acceptable or not. 

First of all, let’s start by defining a stepping stone. This is a raised type of small structure that allows you to step on it without having to step on grass or mud. As a result, it can be any shape and even a material such as concrete, despite the fact that it is named a ‘stone’. 

As a general rule of thumb, concrete with a PSI of 3000 or more is a good choice as a stepping stone. If you want the stones to be thin, then you have to find a stronger concrete mix. 3000 PSI is usually good for stones that are 1.5 inches in depth. You can also get a bag of Sakrete or Quikrete for stepping stones. You can also use a general-purpose sand mix concrete. These come in 80-pound bags, and you can create different shapes of stone with the mix. You can also embed natural stones in it or create a custom design with imprints. Last but not least, you can choose to make your own concrete and mix the ingredients to get a good strength. Concrete is made out of cement, sand, water, and gravel. The way you mix it together however is complex and requires some previous experience. So, if this is a first-time DIY project for you, it is better to stick to the already mixed concrete bags. All you have to do with these bags is to add as much water as the label on the bag indicates. In most cases, this type of concrete dries within a couple of days. So, make sure no one steps on the stones during this period as they will leave a print.

There are different ways to get the shape you want for your stepping stones in concrete. The easiest method is to use molds and pour the concrete over them. You can find molds and pre-mixed concrete bags in your local hardware stores. So, what are you waiting for? Get your new project started today!

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