Do Skylights Make a Room Hotter

Do Skylights Make a Room Hotter

Skylights are windows located on the roof. They either follow the pitch of the roof or are placed completely horizontally in case you have a flat roof. As they are located on the top layer of the house, and they are constantly hit by the sun, it is only natural to ask the question: Do skylights make a room hotter?

The simple answer to this question is yes, they do contribute to making the room where they are located hotter because they allow radiation to penetrate the room, and as a result, they also allow heat to come inside the house. However, there are many factors that contribute to skylights making the room hotter and how hot they actually make it. 

First of all, the direction of the roof and the skylight will indicate how much hotter a room will become. Obviously, a skylight that is facing south will attract much more heat than one that is facing north. 

Next, the amount of heat that a skylight will allow inside the room also depends on the glazing of the window. A double or triple-glazed skylight will have a better U value which means it is better insulated and does not allow a room to get hotter too easily. 

Do not get discouraged, however. Skylights are beautiful features for a house, and they create a wonderful feeling within a room so this small drawback should not be a main reason why not to get a skylight installed. You can explore different ways on how to prevent a room from getting overheated from a skylight. A shutter system is one of them. Next, you can position the skylight facing north or any other direction where there might be a three or building shading that specific spot on the roof. Another solution is to add a UV protective coating on the glass pane of your skylight in order to protect your home from infrared rays. Last but not least, choose an appropriate size so that it still brings in the benefits of a skylight without the major heat gain. 

Contact us at RH Renovation NYC for the best skylight installation in this area. Our team can maintain, repair, replace and install a new skylight in the shortest time possible, allowing you to enjoy this feature in your home without overheating the entire space. Call us today for a free cost estimate and get your project started. 

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