Conservatory Roof Replacement Cost

Conservatory Roof Replacement Cost

A conservatory or commonly known as a sunroom in the US is a bright space full of windows that allows for sunlight to fill every inch of the room. Conservatory roofs are usually lightweight and can be made of plastic, glass, polycarbonate, or in some cases shingles if the roof is not translucent. While these materials are attractive, they do deteriorate faster than the alternative roofing systems. As such, a conservatory roof replacement is inevitable if you have one in your home because the roof of this structure is detached from the roof of the property in most cases and has its own maintenance needs.

You need to replace your roof when you see any signs of damage not only to prevent leaks or to make the structure look pristine but also to ensure that the conservatory is fully insulated and you are not losing heat or cool air which would impact your energy bills.

The cost for a conservatory roof replacement will depend on the material you choose, the location of the property, the company you hire to do the job, the timeframe you give your contractor, and also the season when you are doing the repairs. Peak winter or summer days are usually harder to work and require more skilled labour.

On average, a conservatory roof replacement cost can vary between $3000 and $10000. While this price may put you off, it is important to note that replacing your old conservatory roof with a new one means getting new and more durable materials that also have better U-values and can lower your energy bills.

If you have a conservatory or sunroom in your property and you need to fix the roof or replace it completely, feel free to contact us at RH Renovation NYC. Our expert team of technicians can provide you with a cost estimate and also a timeframe for the completion of the project.

In addition, our engineers and designers can suggest the best material to use in your conservatory so that you can enjoy the beautiful ambiance, views, light, and also a comfortable atmosphere within the room, without having to worry about leaks or temperature changes.

Lastly, we will help you add a suitable gutter system and gutter guards that are seamless and will not disrupt the appearance of your sunroom while also providing a great way for your windows to be clean and free of rainwater or falling leaves.

If your property is located in New York or adjacent towns, we are happy to come on-site and offer our approach. Let’s talk!

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