Copper Roofing: Pros & Cons

Copper Roofing: Pros & Cons

Copper roofing is timeless and attractive. It can give your home a nice edge as one of the most striking metals used in roofing.

There are however both advantages and disadvantages to using copper for your roof.

Disadvantages of copper roofing

Probably the major disadvantage of copper roofing is noise. These roofs can get very loud in storms, especially during heavy rain or hail. Instead of minimizing the noise, copper roofs, as other metal roofs do, tend to amplify it and become very annoying if you are home at that time. The same goes for office buildings and commercial buildings. While you might not notice the noise much if you are moving around a store, you will definitely find it disruptive in an office that is quiet and you need to concentrate.

One way to bypass this issue is to install a thick underpayment that can absorb movement and minimize noise. Typically, however, new copper roof systems use this method already so it is only older copper roofs that are actually loud.

Another drawback of copper roofs is their ability to expand because of temperature fluctuations. Again, there is a way to go around this problem during the installation process. This is why you need an experienced roof contractor to install a copper roof. At Rh Renovation NYC we have a long portfolio of metal roof projects, including copper, and we are happy to provide you with a cost estimate for free before work starts.

Price is another disadvantage of copper. These roofs tend to be expensive mainly because of their aesthetics.

And speaking of aesthetics, copper roofs are amongst the most beautiful roofing options out there which is one of the main reasons why people prefer them.

Advantages of copper roofs

Looks are the major advantage of copper roofs. This material is attractive and timeless.

In addition, these roofs perform quite well in fires, storms, and heavy winds. They offer durability and little maintenance cost.

Copper roofs are also eco-friendly as most of this material is recycled or can be recycled in the future.

Last but not least, copper offers two very distinct colors that can make your home look vibrant and attractive.

Contact us at RH Renovation NYC to install a brand new copper roof in your property or conduct repairs on your existing roof. Our team can suggest what is the best course of action to make your home or office building look new and fresh.

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