DIY Chimney Cleaning: Tips & Tricks

DIY Chimney Cleaning: Tips & Tricks

Chimneys are great features in a home but they are also one of the dirtiest and most dangerous ones. Chimney build-up can increase the chances of fire and suffocation but also make the interior walls of your home gain a darker shade because of the fumes.

Here are some chimney cleaning DIY tips to help you prevent these problems.

First, check to see if you actually need to clean the fireplace and chimney or not. To do that, go to the fireplace and check the inside of the chimney liner. If there is a ⅛ inch build up then your chimney definitely needs cleaning.

Make sure to get the right tools. These are a drop cloth, flashlight, dust mask, safety glasses and harness, a long-handled brush, a vacuum, a liner brush, duct tape, and poly sheeting.

Next, start by cleaning the creosote buildup with a brush. You need to make sure you can reach it and if so, that’s a DIY job, if not, you need to call the professionals.

Cover the fireplace with duct tape and poly sheeting so that your interior does not get dirty too. Also, close all your windows so nothing from the outside can actually enter inside. Then you need to move onto the roof and clean the chimney crown. Make sure you are safe and are not going to be slipping from the roof. If the roof is too steep it is better to call a chimney cleaning contractor.

Clean the flue with a brush by rubbing it up and down several times in small sections. Use the flashlight to check how the process is going.

Next, clean the top of the chimney with a vacuum and then move onto the smoker chamber and clean that portion too with a small brush.

Also, clean the ashes from the firebox and the grate. Remove the grate to get everything out. Wear a mask and goggles to do this process so you do not inhale anything dangerous.

Once you are done, clean your tools and store them away for the next DIY project. 

You need to clean your chimney regularly however it is important to get a certified chimney cleaning company to make sure the fireplace is safe and there is no creosote build up that can harm your family.

Contact us at RH Renovation NYC to provide a professional chimney cleaning company that will give you peace of mind and allow your family to enjoy a nice warm home during the winter.

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