Do Skylights add Value to Your Home

Do Skylights add Value to Your Home

A skylight is a beautiful feature that can add immense value to your home. For starters, it helps your bedrooms or hallways on the final floor get more natural sunlight. A flood of sunlight is good for your mood, your mental health, but also the health of your home. Natural sunlight can kill a large number of bacteria and keep your internal surfaces safer than dark and gloomy rooms. In addition, it helps wet or humid surfaces dry faster, therefore preventing the creation of mold which is in turn dangerous to your walls and your health.

Another added value of skylights is the opportunity for natural ventilation when you do not have a large window. Skylights are in fact windows placed in the roof, and in most cases, they have mechanisms that allow you to open them and aerate the room. Natural ventilation is crucial to a home and makes it healthier to live in. It also balances humidity and creates a better environment where to live.

A skylight is a nice feature in flat roofs too, both for the inside of the home as well as the outside of it. So, if you have a skylight in your flat roof, you can easily use it as an anchor feature where you can place seating around and build a nice terrace garden.

But apart from being nice and intriguing, a skylight also adds monetary value to your home. In general, homes with skylights are priced higher in the market than a home that has completely closed roof, whether flat or pitched. So, if you are looking to hit the market and want to get a higher asking price for your home, definitely consider adding a skylight.

Installing a skylight in your property is not always a DIY task, unless you are a very skilled handyman. So, our suggestion is to talk to a professional contractor that has experience in installing skylights so that your new roof feature does not leak or cause issues in the structure of your home.

At RH Renovation NYC we have been installing and repairing skylights for years now in the Bronx and Westchester County, and we are always offering our clients maximum satisfaction. Our staff of technicians and contractors works fast and efficiently and can complete the job within a short timeframe, so you can enjoy the comfort of your home without any construction work dragging out. Contact us for more information and we can get you an estimate for free before the project even starts.

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