Can You Paint Vinyl Siding on a House

Can You Paint Vinyl Siding on a House

Siding is an element used in the external corners of the home for two main purposes. The first one is functional as the siding protects the home from rain and snow as well as other weather conditions. The second one is looks. Siding can add a nice decorative element to the facade of your home and enrich its appearance with bold details.

Siding comes in different materials such as finer cements, aluminum, and most commonly, vinyl.

Vinyl siding usually imitates wood clapboard and is not only affordable but also maintenance-free. Sometimes however you might find the need to repaint it to freshen up your facade or to create a new look for your home.

Painting vinyl siding is definitely possible. One thing you need to remember however is to pick a good exterior paint so that it is also maintenance-free and durable as the siding itself. Also, make sure that the warranty on the siding does state that you can paint it.

If the answer is yes, then you can get started. Use a primer before applying any paint on vinyl siding. The primer will even out the surface and create a better layer where to apply the paint. Before buying the paint, however, check the label and make sure that the paint you are choosing is appropriate for external surfaces and can be applied on primer.

Something else you need to consider is that vinyl siding experiences quite a lot of thermal expansion. As such, you need to consider that you might get a color gap when the material expands and shrinks because of weather conditions.

Pick the color based on the location of the house. What this means is that dark colors are more appropriate for colder climates as they attract a lot of heat. White and bright colors on the other hand are great at reflecting the sun and keeping heat away. Thinking about heat is not only whether you will feel comfortable in the house or not. It will also protect your siding as it means that white colors will diminish expansion due to high temperatures while dark colors will promote more expansion.

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